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Chiropractic Will Not Fix Your Posture

Chiropractic Will Not Fix Your Posture In my years of experience I have seen the premise of 'fixing'  posture used in a misleading & false manner.  There are dozens and dozens of chiropractic techniques besides adjustments, whether it is the use of wedges/props/blocks, hand held devices etc.. all making the claim of being able [...]

Chiropractic for the Muscles & Poor Posture.

Chiropractic, Muscles & Poor Posture Kieran Finnegan: Chiropractor, Myotherpaist (SLM) & Sports Massage Therapist I'm in a unique position as a chiropractor & with an estimated 10,000 hours treating the muscles & fascia as a myotherapist, (trained & mentored by Steve Lockhart) my experience is similar to what the research shows (see below); that the [...]

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