Waterloo Chiropractic & Myotherapy’s Approach to Headaches

superficial-back-line-waterloo-chiropractic-myotherapyHeadaches are usually an extension of neck & upper back problems, however; issues lower in the body such as the legs and lower back are also important when dealing with headaches, as this may cause tension to spread to the rest of the body. People suffering from headaches often describe a tight band or pressure around the forehead or temples, or at the base of the skull. Headaches on one side may also be accompanied with a pain high in one side of the neck which catches when looking over the shoulder.

Headaches may be as a result of poor posture, as the muscles in front of the neck, chest & shoulders become tight and short and pull the head forward over the shoulders which causes stress on the musculature and joints of the neck. Another very common area that underlies headaches which is rarely addressed is a group of thick banded muscles that run the full length of either side of the spine, beginning at the pelvis and attaching to the base of the skull. Tightness & tension in the legs, hips and pelvis may spread into these muscles which may pull into the upper back and neck & may cause headaches. These muscles become even more important with people who suffer from neck pain & headaches accompanied with lower back pain and gernalised whole body tension and limited mobility.

Treatment of headaches usually involves correcting any spinal joint dysfunction of the neck & upper back  as well as correcting any muscle imbalances & dysfunction specifically the muscles the support the entire length of the spinal column and the neck and shoulders.

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