Waterloo Chiropractic & Myotherapy’s Approach to Hip Pain

Hip pain & tension may be felt on both sides but more often than not it is usually one sided. It may be high in the hips closer to the lower back described as an ‘annoying ache’ that the suffer wants to dig their thumbs in for some relief, or may be felt more centrally closer to the spine. hip pain may also be felt as a deep pain or ache in the hip joint itself as well as more in front of the hip which tends to happen more in people participating in sports or exercise. Hip pain may also be associated with pain, pins & needles that is referred into the leg and less commonly into the foot. Hip imbalance is also a major contributor to low back, in my experience perhaps the biggest. As a side note hip imbalance & dysfunction can also lead to knee pain, especially in squatting movements and running (ankles can also be involved in this type of knee pain).

The major problem area’s which may underly hip pain tend to be the muscles in the front & inside of the leg (quadriceps & adductors) as well as the pelvis. As these become tighter relative to the other side they begin to rotate and tilt the pelvis forward or to the side causing pressure & irriatationto develop at the hip, typically on the opposite side to the tilt or rotation. This can