Waterloo Chiropractic & Myotherapy’s Approach to Knee Pain.

Often knee pain involves the muscles of the hip, leg & ankle, muscles imbalances & poor joint mobility may cause the knee joint and the patella to track incorrectly which causes irritation at the. Knee pain may be felt underneath, on top or the under surface of the patella, also on the inside or outside of the knee. Another common source of knee pain involve the cartilage & the ligaments that support either side of the joints which may be associated with catching or locking especially in full extension (knee fully straighten), swelling & instability of the knee with a feeling of the knee ‘giving out’.

If there is no structural damage to the knee I.e cartilage, releasing the muscles of the hip and restoring  proper movement namely hip internal & external rotation and releasing the muscles & joints of the lower leg will help improve the function of the knee & reduce irritation at the joint. Even when there is structural damage, restoring proper mechanics to the hip & lower limb may still provide notable relief to the joint.