Waterloo Chiropractic & Myotherapy’s Approach to Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain is usually felt as an ache between the shoulder blades, less commonly it can be felt underneath the shoulder blade, it may also cause a catching or sudden pain when taking in deep breaths. When acute, mid back pain can be debilitating that causes stress & anxiety with the pain often affecting a persons sleep, severely limit movement &  may send a ‘nervey pain’ down the inside of the arm.

This type of pain may be set up from tightness in the front of the body from sitting down most of the superfical-arm-line-waterloo-chiropractor
day, similar if yo were to pull the front of your shirt with a  feeling of tension at the back. The joints and ribs of the mid back are often restricted and painful. Another area which I find is very important with  a lot people suffering mid back pain are the upper & back of the arms, these area’s can get very tight, most of the time people are not aware of the tightness in there arms as it is usually manifested in the mid/upper back & shoulders. This image shows the connections from the arms to the back, neck & shoulders.