Waterloo Chiropractic & Myotherapy’s Approach to Neck Pain

To effectively treat neck pain I personally find it far more beneficial to combine a comprehensive muscle treatment that does not just treat the symptomatic area prior to any chiropractic work. Neck pain may be felt as a general tightness or specifically more on one side than the other and may feel like a sharp or catching pain with restricted movement and may be associated with or without headaches.

The first area are the muscles called the erector spinae, which; as the name suggests are responsible for supportingsuperficial-back-line-waterloo-chiropractic-myotherapy your spine and keeping it upright. These muscles run on either side of your spine & start at the pelvis and connect to the base of the skull with connections to the forehead as well as the legs. As these muscle get tight along there full length they pull into the neck & shoulders causing a heaviness/tension in the neck and potentially headache. When one side gets tight relative to the other it will pull the shoulder & upper back down on that side causing uneven shoulders which tends to cause shoulder pain & headaches on one side, usually the low shoulder side as the muscles in the shoulder are chronically tense trying to counteract the pull on that side, thats why its important not to only focus on the symptomatic area as it usually compensating for tightness and dysfunction elsewhere.

Two other very important  area’s include the muscle’s in-front of the neck which pull the verterbra/neck forward which causes the muscles on the back of the neck to tighten, this may also compress the discs and joints of the neck. Another area which is probably the most overlooked is the arms, the arms are out in-front of the body all day when typing and accumulate an enormous amount off bunching and shortness in the soft tissues which then may cause tightness in the upper back. When treating someone with neck pain they are always amazed just how tight and sensitive they are in the arms & how much of a difference it makes to the upper body when they have been released properly.

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