60 minute Chiropractic & Myotherapy– $130 (health fund- chiropractic)

45 Minute Chiropractic & Massage– $110 (health fund- chiropractic)

30 Minute Chiropractic & Massage– $75 (health fund chiropractic)


I’m not sure what chiropractic treatment I need?

Its best to book in the treatment you feel is appropriate & we can always adjust the treatment according to your individual needs.

Does your treatment hurt?

Generally the chiropractic adjustments are quick & painless. The myotherapy can be slightly painful at times, often described as more of a ‘good or relieving type pain’. Some people may be particularity sensitive to massage or bodywork and that may have to do with other factors such as diet, stress, lifestyle factors or generally the muscles have deteriorated past a certain point, all of which will be discussed with you where appropriate.


I haven’t heard of Myotherapy before, where can I find out more information?

You can visit or for more detailed information on myotherapy and the creator Steve Lockhart, these are also excellent free resources for anyone suffering from chronic back pain.

Are you covered by health funds?

Yes, but whether you can claim your treatment depends on your particular coverage.

Are you covered by Medicare?

Yes, but this is only through Extra Patient Care which is only given to you by your General Practitioner.

I have tried so many different therapies for my back pain, can you help me?

Unfortunately I can’t guarantee results, but I can guarantee you haven’t tried my approach before. If you have tried other forms of therapy without success, this approach may be the one for you.