Waterloo Chiropractic & Myotherapy Approach to Sciatica

Sciatica is more often than not one sided & usually felt as a pins & needles or tingling that runs into the leg & foot, it may also be accompanied with weakness and/or numbness. When acute the pain in the lower back, hip & leg can be debilitating often sitting or standing for any length of time can aggravate the symptoms.

Generally speaking; the severe symptoms will subside in time, as research has shown the body antalgic-shifywill absorb the disc material. However; when acute & severe sciatica occurs, the muscles in the hip, spine and pelvis will contract & spasm and cause the body to shift, normally to the opposite side of the bulge as the body compensate’s to take pressure off the nerve. Even when the severe pain has lessened, the muscles in the spine & hips don’t necessarily readjust back to a strong & balanced condition, potentially these muscle imbalances pre-existed the sciatica and may be a factor underlying the sciatica in the first place as this puts pressure more on one side of the spine & the gel like disc which over time can bulge . Sciatica suffer’s are then often left with ongoing back & hip pain with limited mobility, with the referral into the leg(s) still present but usually less severe.

A thorough history & examination is often required to get a better understanding of sciatica. What ever the case may be having  strong, balanced & healthy muscles that support the spine, legs hips & pelvis is critical when trying to prevent and/or rehabilitate sciatica.