Waterloo Chiropractic & Myotherapy’s Approach to Sport Injuries.

Common sport injuries include hamstring, quadracerp, adductor & calf strains. Knee pain, femeroaccetabular impingment (FAI), SLAP lesion’s of the hip & shoulder, Rotator cuff injuries, over use syndromes, poor joint mobility just to name a few. Kieran also trains in weightlifting, so he has first hand experience in the Olympic lifts, squatting, cross fit & general free weight training in regards injury prevention & rehabilitation as well as mobility involved in these sports

In order to effectively deal with sport injuries, a thorough understanding of the bio-mechanics of a particular sport or movement is required to be able to identify what set up the injury in the first place. For example, knee injuries are relatively common in sports, non contact knee injuries are usually a result of faulty hip, ankle and foot bio-mechanics. So having a reduced range of motion at any or all these area’s may result in knee pain. This basic principle applies to most area’s of the body, when dealing with sporting injuries and increased performance.

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