Back Pain in the Morning 

Kieran Finnegan: Waterloo Chiropractor & Myotherpaist.

As a chiropractor & myotherapist I often hear clients tell me there back pain is worse in the morning. Generally there are several reasons for this, the more serious but far less common is as a result of some type of auto immune arthritis such as Rhaematoid Arthritus which I won’t get into as its out of the scope of this article, improper sleeping positions or mattress which I will  discuss in a later article, finally & by far the most common is Myofascial trigger points or put simply muscles as well as mild inflammation, potentially  as a result of spinal degenerative arthritis ‘wear & tear’.

Myofascial trigger points.

People who wake up with this type back pain usually tell the same story, they  wake up with a dull annoying ache and stiffness of the low back and once they get moving and have a hot shower the symptoms are all but gone. This is quite similar to degenerative of the spine/mild inflammation, however with the case of myofascial trigger points they still may experience some milder symptoms when sitting or standing for too long or certain movements as the muscles fatigue and tire much quicker & become tense trying to protect the area when the trigger points have become aggravated.

In the case of spinal degeneration/mild inflammation, the body naturally release’s anti inflammatory chemicals over night and potentially wearing off first thing in the morning combined with a lack of movement overnight, however spinal degeneration is not highly correlated with back pain so it may just be the combination of these factors converging at one point in the day rather than causing ongoing pain & discomfort as the day progresses.

In regards to treatment, when it comes to back pin in the morning due to myofascial pain or most types of back pain, doing regular exercise & self myofascial release at night before you go to bed in is usually a great way to help manage back pain.  I have written an article on my other website that explains how these in more detail.

In regards to mild inflammation/spinal degeneration doing the above will also help but with an emphasis on eating an anti-inflamatory diets, so avoiding highly processed sugary foods & foods high in trans fats and eating fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, legumes etc…

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