The Benefits of Chiropractic & Myotherapy

Kieran Finnegan: Chiropractor, Myotherpaist (SLM) & Sports Massage Therapist

In the diagram the hip on the left is being pulled forward and down (down green arrow), this is due to the muscles on the front and inside of the left leg. The hip on the right hand side is being pulled up (up green arrow) by the muscles of the hip, spine and low back.

As the hips are being tilted, this provides an uneven base for the spine to sit on. The orange area’s on either side of the spine are the muscle’s that have contracted in order to compensate and resist the pelvic tilt.

The yellow circles are common area’s where pain or symptoms may be felt, namely around the joints and surrounding structures of the spine. With the underlying cause’s from the muscles in the legs & hips.

As the only person qualified as a chiropractor & myotherpist (SLM) I  have the ability to correct posture and long standing muscle imbalances- which cannot be achieved with chiropractic, as will as specifically adjust the spine where pain and irritation may have resulted- which cannot be achieved with other forms of bodywork or corrective muscle work.

If you would like a comprehensive muscle & spine therapy, that does not just treat the symptoms book online today.