Chiropractic Will Not Fix Your Posture

In my years of experience I have seen the premise of ‘fixing’  posture used in a misleading & false manner.  There are dozens and dozens of chiropractic techniques besides adjustments, whether it is the use of wedges/props/blocks, hand held devices etc.. all making the claim of being able to fix posture, re-align the spine/hip, correct a short leg, rotated pelvis etc… The adjustments themselves are beneficial for the joints. The postural issues mentioned above are a direct result of muscle imbalances, and is physically impossible to correct muscle imbalances and subsequently poor posture without actually treating the muscles.

Poor posture, muscle imbalance’s or muscle tension in general will undermine any chiropractic adjustments to the joints rather quickly & both should be addressed for best results.

Chiropractor ZetlandA muscle imbalance is where muscles on one side of the body become relatively shorter compared to the other. You can see in the first diagram  how the muscle on the left has become shortened/contracted and is pulling the bone out of its center and to the left. This would represent a single group of muscles, pulling on a bone and irritating a joint (where two bones meet), the muscles need to be released and balanced in order for the adjustments to serve there purpose.

In the next diagram you can see how it looks when applied to the whole body, with  imbalances in the legs, hips, Zetland Chiropractorpelvis and spine and the effect this has on the overall structure, even leading into the upper body. When it comes to muscle imbalances, a corrective whole body approach is usually best as where a person feels pain is usually just the symptom with the underlying problem area(s) found at a distance to where it is felt. This is why I use myotherapy on the muscles prior to chiropractic adjustments, so the balanced muscles support good posture and any corrections to the joints.

In my next article I will show you how you can easily self diagnose your own postural issues, what is causing them and some common characteristics and how they may relate to your back pain.

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