Chronic Low Back Pain

Kieran Finnegan: Chiropractor, Myotherpaist (SLM) & Sports Massage Therapist.

I highly recommend you watch this short video by Professor O’Sullivan who is a researcher in back pain. It has some very important information that I have no doubt will give you more insight and at the very least give your a different perspective on you back pain. Although this presentation was given to clinicians and professionals, some of the language may seem a bit technical,but hopefully you still get a good understanding of what is being explained.

Besides the fact having a bone being out of place or having a weak core are not things that cause back pain, but by telling this to someone who has chronic back pain can lead to greater fear and anxiety which worsens the symptoms, makes the back pain suffer feel vulnerable and become more reliant on treatment. Next time you see a chiropractor or physiotherapist, keep this article in mind, and you’ll more than likely be told these things.

Its worth mentioning that vast majority of back pain suffer’s still have a physical problem (see case study below), although life stress’s and anxiety can exacerbate a problem.The muscles and how they set up chronic back pain is greatly underestimated, and the fact that their is no chiropractic or physio therapy courses that actually teach their students how to address the muscles often relying on chiropractic adjustments, stretching and strengthening is another major factor why these therapies offer such poor results. I know when I did my chiropractic training the amount of time spent on learning how muscles cause back pain and how to effectively treat them was minimal, this is why so many chiropractors will claim to be able to fix someones posture or ‘alignment’ (see case study below) in a ten minute treatment with out actually knowing how the muscles are involved, which ones and how to correct them.

The two photos below are of a chronic back pain suffer I recently treated, the first photo (apologies for the blurriness)  was before the second treatment and the second photo was after the third treatment. You can see there is a physical problem underlying his pain and how after only 3 treatments his pelvis and spine were looking more level, with his legs sitting underneath his pelvis correctly. Although their is still work to do, but when you consider he has had back pain for over ten years and his posture is quite distorted its a fairly good result, with his symptoms improving. The patients left sided hip and low back pain was actually stemming from the muscles on the right side and the way it was causing his hips and spine to shift.

In this particular case, identifying any life stress events and anxiety, which were minimal to begin with, would of done little to help his pain levels, and would of offered the same minimal relief he received from seeing other chiropractors and physio therapists prior to me. Most chronic back pain suffer’s need both aspects addressed, which be difficult as very few ‘experts’ have the skills and training to address either one, yet alone both in a holistic treatment.