If All You Have is a Hammer, Then Everything is a Nail.

Kieran Finnegan- Waterloo Chiropractor & Myotherapist.

This may be surprising to some of you reading this, especially coming from someone who works in the industry, but the vast majority of research shows that most common treatments are only moderately effective at best when it comes to back¬† pain (1). Does this mean you should not get treatment? definitely not! and in this article I will explain why I think the research shows this and in my next I will explain to you how to avoid ‘moderately’ effective treatments.

I believe one of the major reasons for this is because researchers get their target population i.e back pain suffer’s and simply lump them all in the same group, rather than providing a treatment that is specific for the individual. This dogmatic approach has some very obvious and clear pitfalls. Unfortunately this is very common in the ‘real world’, most professionals are only trained in one specific area and you are likely to only receive treatment in what that professional is trained in, the idea one treatment fits all is simply wrong. A back pain suffer can see four different professionals with the same complaint and get four different diagnoses and treatments. Hence the title of this article.

If they see a chiropractor, something is ‘stuck’ or ‘out’ and needs to be adjusted.

If they see a physiotherapist, something is ‘weak’ and needs to be strengthened.

If they see a massage therapist, something is ‘tight’ and needs to be released.

If they see a GP, something is ,inflamed’ and needs to be medicated etc…

In reality they need to see someone who has the adequate training and knowledge and offers a comprehensive, wholistic and individualised treatment that can treat most of these things mentioned above. The obvious question then becomes; how do you find someone who offers such treatment before you commit time and money in seeing them? In my next article I will explain what to look for, that will easily solve this problem and help find a treatment specifically FOR YOU.