Profits Over Patients.

Kieran Finnegan: Chiropractor, Myotherpaist (SLM) & Sports Massage Therapist.


I often hear from patients who have had this 10 minute type of treatment prior to seeing me, say it felt like it was geared towards making money by getting them on/off the table as quick as possible and having them return as often as possible with each visit feeling exactly the same as the previous with almost a cook book approach.

If you have had this approach before I’m sure this will sound very familiar; the scheduling is very frequent, often two times a week for a month or so then weekly for another month, so in two months you have had roughly twelve visits, this would be similar to taking anti inflammatory or other pain relief medication. The reason why so much treatment is needed is because its only the symptoms being addressed and if you have had back pain for 3-6 months and its usually a build up of many more months perhaps even years, you’re  potentially getting much less than a minute of treatment for every month there has been a problem hence the symptomatic/short term relief. Even if/when things do settle down, as the underlying causes have not been addressed, and all it takes is a particularly busy/stressful week at work, intense exercise session, the wrong movement etc… and your back to square one.

As a chiropractor, it is sad to say it tends to be mainly other chiropractors who use this profit over patient approach and its even more sad to see research that shows chiropractors see their patients as many as 4.5 times as an osteopath and 2.5 times as a physiotherapist (1). This study was done in Australia, by chiropractors using health fund data, so is very relevant and accurate.  

In my opinion, chiropractic has the greatest potential when used correctly, but these 10 minute treatments, offer a one-size-fits-all factory, seeing 6 patients an hour & potentially over 50 a day, in order to maximize profits, verses solving your back pain in as few treatments as possible.

This is simply why I do not treat like these 10 minute chiropractors, because its ineffective and it ends up costing you several hundred dollars unnecessarily. If you have a read of my reviews you can see the vast majority will describe getting immediate results from the first treatment & sustained relief after only 2-4 treatments, whether it be general tension/aches/pains or ‘put in the too hard basket’ such as chronic hip/leg pain, residual shoulder pain from a broken arm bone, severe back spasm so bad it sent them to emergency, chronic neck pain/headaches despite trying other chiropractors, physiotherapist, specialists etc.

The best way to avoid these short, money driven treatments is simply call and ask how long their standard/ongoing treatments are, or if they have online booking see how long their treatment times are. Its important you check what the ongoing appointments are rather than the initial, as the initial treatments are often much longer and do not represent their standard treatment.


1.Roger M Engel, Benjamin T Brown, Michael S Swain,and Reidar P Lystad. The provision of chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathic services within the Australian private health-care system: a report of recent trends. Chiropr Man Therap. 2014; 22: 3.